The Not so Urban Legends




I was never the type of person to believe in aliens. A lot of people say to me,”You think  that we are the only living beings in the entire universe?” I simply answer yes but wonder if there is life on other planets. Now, scientists have found living molecules of water and plant life on other planets but the extent of that proof lies in evidence of weird space water and magical space plants. I believe in a lot of things. I believe that the Loch Ness monster swims around the coffee colored loch in Scotland. I believe that their could possibly be a Yeti or Big Foot walking around the United States, unknown to our own existence. As far fetched as these creatures sound, they are more believable, in my opinion, than aliens from another planet. I can say that I can neither prove or disprove the evidence of alien life because I’ve never been to the outer depths of space. If I had the ability and device (TARDIS), I would love to adventure into other places in space. Sorry for straying towards the Whovian side of things, but I realize that I should believe in other life forms other than human beings. 

The point I am trying to make with this new blog post is that I don’t believe in aliens and everyone that reads this knows my opinion but I do believe that their are other forms of life or spirits that collide with our planet on a normal basis. If you would like to stop reading now, this would be the right time. I am going to enter my thoughts about ghosts or paranormal experiences from now till the end of this blog post. Terrified of being frightened or scared, the realm of the paranormal has always fascinated me. I never go on ghost hunts or possess expensive ghost hunting materials but the world of the unknown entrances my mind. My experiences with the paranormal have been very few. I have really never seen Casper walk across my house or experienced something anything uncanny. I have, in fact, witnessed or experienced some things that seemed strange or unusual to most. No need to follow this explanation with any detail but isn’t the spirit world interesting? Do they sit around waiting for contact? Do spirits, evil or good, chill in the ghost world sipping on margaritas while humans try and contact them? I don’t think we are ever going to know? How is it that some people attract spirits and others fall victim to horrible ghostly encounters?

I wonder about the internet searching for urban legends. With the fascination of truth behind the urban legends, local or international, stories that hold meaning to a group of people often entice and allow people to believe in other things than reality. Skeptical or not, the urban legend has been around for centuries. Told as fairy tales or stories through oral traditions, ghost, alien, or even Mothman stories have visited our texts and culture of today. Urban legends are meant to do something? Do they come from experience or from the minds of maybe some of the most clever and creative people around? 


With many theories, I believe that “Gothic” ghost stories written by prominent authors such as Poe, Hill, Jackson, and King, were not only greatly imaginative but also re-tellings of personal experience. If not, then I bow down to their extreme talents with the “Gothic” ghost story. So to leave you all with a thought, whether you believe or not, I wrote this post as a way to attract you to broaden your minds on the unknown worlds that surround us. Whether it’s in space or a ghostly plan, take time to think that it could be possible. Maybe if you believe, I can believe in aliens. 


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